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“I highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking for a quality writer.”

Chris Keeley, Barton Associates

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Reach your potential

It’s a competitive marketplace with so many options for consumers or other businesses to choose from. Not to mention, there’s a growing number of platforms that engage potential and current clients.

So I ask you, are you reaching your customer in the most effective way? Are your messages resonating with your target audience? Is your brand, your business, your non-profit organization, or your NGO reaching its potential? Are you meeting your goals?

Engage your market

Clear, concise, persuasive copy and content that speaks to their needs and concerns helps you engage your market and sustain and grow your organization. Good communication builds these relationships.

I’m here to provide carefully crafted copy and content so you can focus your energy where it’s most needed. I respond to emails promptly, approach each project with dedication, professionalism, and integrity, and meet deadlines.

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“Teresa worked as a freelance writer for my company and was responsible for monthly contributions that would be published directly to our blog. On top of being an absolute pleasure to work with, Teresa’s timeliness, skill as a writer, openness to feedback, and willingness to conduct outside research have made her a valuable asset to our blog. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking for a quality writer.” Chris Keeley, Content Marketing Copywriter, Barton Associates

“Teresa took a complex subject and condensed it into a document that was easy to understand for those with no background in mining.” Gregg M., Bentonite Resources, Inc.