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About Me

Photo taken in the Kuwaiti Armed Forces Hospital with NYC kids’ artwork sent in care packages behind me.

I am a failed retiree — I’ve tried a few times, but retirement doesn’t suit me. After four years on active duty and 20 years in the Army Reserves, I retired as a Colonel in 2005. And in 2018, I retired from practicing medicine as an anesthesiologist.

The road to becoming an anesthesiologist is long by the way — an undergraduate degree at Carroll College in my home state of Montana, an M.D. from the University of Washington, and five years of post-graduate training in anesthesia and pediatric anesthesia at NYU and Columbia-Presbyterian in New York City. The saying goes, ‘a trained monkey can put you to sleep, but it takes an anesthesiologist to wake you up.’

I was pleased to deliver the whole sleep and wake up package for 26 years, with the last 18 years in Billings, Montana. When I retired to care for my mom, I started writing travel articles as a way for us to reminisce about the many trips we took together. I’ve had over 90 travel, history, and lifestyle articles published online and in print magazines since then.

My mom checking out a giraffe at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

After my mom passed away, I moved to Texas and really tried to retire. I have plenty of hobbies and interests to fill my days, like bicycling on the fantastic trails in The Woodlands where I live, quilting and weaving, wildlife photography, volunteering at church, traveling, and watching short track speedskating.

And I spend a good part of every day serving as a waitress and housekeeper for my two, very demanding rescued cats and a little rescued terrier who thinks she’s hit the jackpot. But I know I’m the true winner.

You’d think with all these hobbies and interests I could sit back and enjoy the retired life. But I love writing and there’s just a whole lot of joy in helping an organization grow, thrive, and reach its potential with the written word.

Take care,


The Woodlands, Texas Waterway photographed on an
evening bike ride